How to Evaluate Your Pet Food & Pet Food Company

Questions to Ask:

  • Who formulates the diets?
  • Is there an address and 800 # for the manufacturer on the bag?
  • Does the company have a board certified veterinary nutritionist on staff?
  • What specific quality control measures does the company take to assure quality and consistency of the food?
  • Where are the diets produced or manufactured?
  • Can the company provide a complete nutrient analysis for all foods, including caloric density?
  • Is the diet appropriate for you pet’s age, breed and activity?
  • Have AAFCO feeding trials substantiated that the food is complete and balanced (Listed on the bag under the nutritional adequacy statement)?
  • Is the food guaranteed?
  • Does your pet like the food and appear healthy?

Be aware of words such as “holistic”, “organic” and “human grade” – They are primarily marketing terms and have no legal definition for pet foods. The word “natural” means the food should not contain any chemically synthesized ingredients.
Most common food allergens (corn doesn’t make the list):

  • Dogs: Beef, diary, wheat, egg, chicken, lamb, soy
  • Cats: Beef, dairy, fish, lamb, poultry, barley/wheat

For more information please visit the websites listed below:

American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition
Veterinary Nutritional Consultants