Looking for veterinary services in Havelock?

Here at Havelock Animal Hospital, we offer a variety of services, so that we may provide customized care for our patients needs. Listed below are a few of the procedures and products available.

Routine Surgery

Spaying, Neutering, C-Sections, Tumor/Growth Removal, Cherry Eye Repair, and Aural Hematoma Repair. We recommend that puppies and kittens be spayed or neutered when they are between the ages of 5 and 6 months. For girls, it’s ideal to spay prior to their first heat cycle to reduce their chances of mammary cancer development. For boys, they heal faster and develop less behavioral issues, such as urine marking/leg lifting, roaming and aggression, when neutered before puberty. Neutering also prevents prostate problems in older male dogs.

Laser Surgery

Laser surgery seals nerve endings thereby decreasing post surgery pain. Because there is less trauma to the tissue, there is less swelling. Also, laser surgery decreases bleeding by sealing small blood vessels as it cuts during surgery. Fourth, it reduces infections by sterilizing and killing bacteria that can cause infection. Since it reduces bleeding and swelling, it also reduces recovery time so that your pet can resume his or her normal activities sooner.

Radiology (X-Rays)

X-rays help us to diagnose broken bones, internal tumors, hip dysplasia, arthritis, collapsing trachea, heart disease, foreign bodies and many other conditions. An X-ray gives us an image of what’s going on inside our patients and are a very beneficial tool. You can even request a CD of your pet’s x-rays to take home.


Ultrasonography (also called ultrasound or sonography) is a noninvasive, pain-free procedure that uses sound waves to examine a pet’s internal organs and other structures inside the body. It can be used to evaluate the animal’s heart, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, and bladder; to detect fluid, cysts, tumors, or abscesses; and to confirm pregnancy or monitor an ongoing pregnancy.

Our ultrasonographers are trained by Oncura Partners, who in real time via the internet, share in the ultrasound experience with your pet. Very accurate images can be captured and evaluated, not only by our doctors, but by Board Certified Radiologists, if so desired.

In-Clinic and Referral Laboratory Testing

Our in-clinic Laboratory Machines allow us to check the function of major organs, such as the kidneys, liver, and pancreas, as well as for infection, dehydration, anemia, and many other conditions. It’s excellent to have a blood chemistry profile done before any anesthetic procedures, to make sure our patient’s organs are functioning properly. For our senior pet patients (7 years and older) bloodwork is recommended annually. We encourage screening all dogs annually with a 4DX Blood Parasite test that checks for Heartworm Disease, Erhlichiosis, Lyme Disease, and Anaplasmosis (Tick Fever). For our feline patients we recommend screening for Feline Leukemia, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (F.I.V.) and Feline Heartworm Disease.


We provide Prophylactic Dental Cleaning and Polishing, as well as Oral Surgery. A healthy mouth helps with better overall health. When there is heavy plaque and tartar build up, the bacteria is able to get in the bloodstream and affect the heart, lungs, kidneys and liver. Routine Dental Cleanings are recommended for most pets once yearly, and twice yearly on older pets that develop tartar build up more rapidly. Routine cleanings will also help reduce the number of teeth that may need to be extracted due to infection. Flip your pet’s lip to see if you think your pet is due for a Dental Cleaning.

Orthopedic Surgery

Ruptured ACL Repair, Luxating Patella Repair, and Bone Fracture Repair are performed by our doctors. A work up examination and x-rays are needed prior to customizing an estimate for these involved surgeries.


Canine Core Vaccines, such as Rabies Virus, Canine Parvo Virus, Canine Distemper, Canine Adenovirus 2, and Canine Para-influenza (DA2PP). We also offer non-core vaccines such as Bordetella (Kennel Cough -highly recommended for any dogs that get groomed, boarded, or play with other dogs), Leptospirosis which has an increasing prevalence, and Lyme Vaccine recommended for dogs that have potential for getting ticks.

Feline Core Vaccines include Rabies Virus (we offer PureVax Rabies for cats , which is less likely to cause a reaction), Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia (FVRCP). The non-core Feline Vaccines include Feline Leukemia (highly recommended for cats that go outside or come in contact with cats that go outside). This is a deadly virus with no cure and is very easy to prevent.


Microchip’s are the best way to identify your pet and to find it, if he or she unfortunately gets lost. Every animal shelter and animal control officer scans every found pet hoping they have a microchip and their owners can be contacted. Every two seconds a family pet is lost. Identifying your pet is vital.